Airwolf covers the air-oil separator market

With the benefit of recent FAA and EASA approvals, Airwolf Filter Corp. has completed its full coverage of the market for air-oil separators for piston aircraft engines.

Air-oil separators recycle oil mist generated by air pressure in the engine crankcase, removing condensed water and humid air into the slipstream, and returning pure, separated oil to the crankcase. The result is lower oil consumption and reduced corrosion-producing humidity in the engine, as well as eliminating oil stains on the bottom of fuselages, company officials explain.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe company offers two  distinct capacity models, Air-Sep and Mini-Sep.

Pilots who want to trade in their M20 air oil separator to Airwolf’s  Air-Sep or Mini-Sep will receive a $50 trade-in against a new purchase. The offer is limited to one per customer and trade in must have been removed from a certified aircraft and must be accompanied by the original 337 form.

“While we are believers in ‘bigger is better’, in air/oil separators, we now offer pilots a choice, letting them opt for the model best suited to their application and budget,” says Airwolf operations director Jonny Quest. “Our Mini-Sep fits in tighter spaces on the firewall, and costs $399 complete with all installation hardware and STC paperwork.”

The original, larger Air-Sep lists for $499-$699, depending on application, and is recommended for aircraft that have sufficient space to accept their dimensions.

Mini-Sep inlet diameters are available in three sizes:  5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ inlets, covering the requirements of 99% of the piston aircraft flying today, he noted.

“As the world’s only company offering certified air-oil separators, and with a choice of sizes, we feel a responsibility to the international aircraft fleet in designing, producing, delivering and supporting our products worldwide. Our mission is to make flying safer, and to bring value to our customers,” Quest adds.

Airwolf Filter Corp also manufactures certified wet vacuum pumps, air oil separators, oil filter cutters and, through sister company, Airwolf Aerospace, Robinson helicopter rotor blade tape, and TT Straps for Bell 206 helicopters.

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