Concord introduces higher capacity and heated batteries

WEST COVINA, Calif. – Concorde Battery has released several new batteries: RG-380E/46, RG-427, RG-641 and the RG-380E/44 heated series.

Concorde Battery RG-380E-46 HR

Concorde Battery RG-380E-46 HR

RG-380E/46 is a new higher capacity 46 Ah 24-volt battery in the same envelope size as Concorde’s RG-380E/44. RG-380E/46 weighs in at the same weight as the RG-380E/44, making it a higher capacity option without the need for structural modifications or weight and balance adjustments, company officials said. The battery is TSO approved.

RG-427 HR

RG-427, delivering 34 Ah, is a higher capacity version of the RG-407 battery produced for high cyclic helicopter operators desiring extended battery life. It provides 26% more capacity than the RG-407. RG-427 is certified for installation on Agusta models A119 and A119MKII using Concorde STC SR04007AT now available through distribution. RG-427 is TSO approved.

Concorde Battery RG-641 HR

RG-641 HR

RG-641 is a 17 Ah 24-volt battery designed as a direct replacement in Schweitzer 269 (Hughes 300) applications. TSO and STC approvals are currently in process with expected completion in Q4 2013.

Concorde Battery RG-380E_LH


Concorde also released a new heated battery line in its RG-380E/44 size. The RG-380E/44KH, RG-380E/44KSH, RG-380E/44LH and RG-380E/44LSH, provide optimal performance at cold temperatures when assembled with a Concorde Heater Control Unit (HCU), company officials said in a prepared statement.

A heated battery will accept a charge more quickly in cold operating conditions, particularly in instances where a GPU start is used, skipping the warming cycle a battery undergoes during engine start, officials explain. In cold soak conditions, a heated battery will charge faster helping to prevent situations of undercharged batteries that lead to sulfation and shortened battery life.

Concorde designs and manufactures more than 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Concorde batteries are installed as Original Equipment by the majority of aircraft manufacturers and adopted by military aircraft operators worldwide.

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