Final pancake breakfast at SKY

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 50 will host its 17th and final Annual Fly-In Pancake Breakfast at Griffing-Sandusky Airport (SKY) on Aug. 11.

Since 1937, The Griffing family has owned and operated SKY. They have provided international services to the North Coast of Ohio, including mail, freight, and passenger service to the Lake Erie Islands and Pelee Island in Canadian waters.

While phasing out airport operations the family has graciously allowed one final fly-in to be held: Aug. 11 (8 a.m.-12 p.m.) at Griffing Sandusky Airport (3115 Cleveland Rd. Sandusky, Ohio). Breakfast includes: Scrambled eggs, sausage, orange juice, milk or water with unlimited pancakes and coffee. Cost is $6 for adults, $3 for kids. Call 419-239-8292 for more information.

With regard to SKY operations, airport owner Tom Griffing told me they expect to close the airport and move operations to nearby Port Clinton Airport (PCW) by year-end. Griffing Flying Service will continue operations uninterrupted from PCW.

“We’ll pay rent, and let someone else worry about mowing the grass and plowing the runway,” Griffing noted in a telephone conversation.

Griffing doesn’t want to shut down SKY, he has to. “Between taxes and expenses, it costs about $150,000 per year just to open the door at SKY.”

The airport has existed since the 1920s, with the Griffing family operating it since 1937.

“Operating the airport has been a seven-day a week job for the last 50 years, in addition to Griffing Flying Service,” continued Griffing. “Even if my kids wanted to continue at that pace, I wouldn’t let them. They’ve got to have a life outside aviation as well.”

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