Concorde now original equipment on all new Pipers

In 2012 the evolution began by Piper Aircraft, upgrading its Mirage, Matrix and Seneca models to Concorde batteries. The transition is now complete and Concorde batteries are now the Original Equipment battery on all new production aircraft.

Concorde Battery RG24-20 2RG24-20 (Piper P/N 601-923) is Concorde’s 19 Ah Sealed Lead Acid RG (recombinant gas) battery and the new Original Equipment starting battery on the Piper Seneca. The Seneca has also been upgraded with emergency battery RG-132 (Piper P/N 601-924).

The Piper Seminole’s new Original Equipment batteries are the RG24-15M (Piper P/N 601-926) 13.6 Ah main starting battery and the 6 Ah RG-132 emergency battery.

Piper’s Archer is now running with Concorde’s RG24-11M 11 Ah RG Series main battery and the RG-132 emergency battery.

Concorde’s 16 Ah RG24-17 (Piper P/N 601-919) is Original Equipment on the Mirage and the Matrix aircraft.

Piper also released Piper Service Letter 1128 approving upgrades to the increased capacity battery on Piper models PA-46-350P and PA-46-350T with Piper Kit 88495. This kit provides the necessities to transition from all previously certified battery types to Concorde’s sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) maintenance free battery, Concorde officials noted.

Concorde Battery RG-41 2Piper’s Meridian was certified with Concorde’s RG-41 (Piper P/N 601-910) high performance RG Battery.

The RG (recombinant gas) Series of sealed lead acid batteries are maintenance free; no water replenishment is ever required, according to Concorde officials. The sealed batteries ensure no acid spray and no battery box cleanup, officials add.

Concorde designs and manufactures more than 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

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