Jeppesen teams with Rockwell Collins

OSHKOSH – Jeppesen has entered into an agreement with Rockwell Collins to automatically transfer electronic charts via Wi-Fi and cellular networks using Rockwell Collins’ Ascend Aircraft Information Manager (AIM).

Rockwell Collins’ AIM ensures that Pro Line Fusion and Pro Line 21-equipped aircraft are always flying with the latest data, company officials said. These aircraft can wirelessly receive Jeppesen electronic charts, Flight Management System (FMS) navigation, performance and V-speed databases and checklist files.

“Expanding our relationship with Rockwell Collins using AIM technology provides a direct data connection to the aircraft and enhances the customer experience,” said Scott Reagan, director, Jeppesen OEM Client Management. “We will continue to further streamline and improve the management of information to and from the aircraft, leveraging the core strengths of both Jeppesen and Rockwell Collins to enhance data integration using AIM technology.”

Through the Ascend AIM subscription service, flight departments can monitor the progress and confirm successful uploads by logging on to the AIM web portal. AIM also automatically sends email or text notifications whenever the aircraft’s databases require attention or when updates are loaded into the avionics, making recordkeeping easier.


  1. Brett S says

    As cars and planes are starting to come with wifi systems that receive information, I am starting to wonder about the possibility of someone hacking them. Suppose someone were to gain access to this system, and they load a fake approach plate where they play with the approach path. A pilot, who is doing absolutely everything correctly, might fly into terrain, trusting the info in their system. The NTSB will just assume the pilot was an idiot who flew the approach wrong. I think I’m too young to suggest you can’t always trust technology :-) but suffice it to say I hope Rockwell Collins has carefully considered the security of the system.

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