FreeFlight ADS-B transceiver receives TSO

WACO, Texas — FreeFlight Systems, a developer of avionics for NextGen, has received TSO authorization for RANGR FDL-978-XVR ADS‐B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance‐Broadcast) 978MHz transceiver family with optional internal WAAS/GPS.

The transceiver provides full ADS-B In and ADS-B Out capability, with a WAAS/GPS in a single box that meets pilots’ needs today, according to company officials.

Addition of the RANGR product line provides full ADS-B rule compliance while interfacing to the existing Mode A/C or Mode S transponders.

Using the RANGR FDL-978-XVR, pilots can receive TIS-B and FIS-B uplinks, giving them access to traffic, graphical weather and other data displayed on a compatible MFD or iPad via a WiFi module ,as well as being fully compliant with the upcoming ADS-B equipage mandate, company officials said.

The RANGR FDL-978-XVR also meets all DO‐160 (environmental) requirements for helicopter applications and is certified to DO-282B/TSO C154c, TSO-C157a, TSO-C195a, and TSO-145c. In addition to these certifications, the FreeFlight UAT Radio technology has been proven in multiple rule compliant airborne and ground based applications, and was selected by the FAA to replace older technology systems installed in earlier generation ADS-B equipped aircraft, company officials note.

Through TIS-B and FIS-B data, the RANGR FDL-978-XVR gives aircraft access to traffic data as well as a variety of free weather data including: Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METARs), Non-Routine Aviation Weather Reports (SPECIs), Terminal Area Forecasts (TAFs) and their amendments, graphical NEXRAD (regional and CONUS) precipitation maps, Airmen’s Meteorological Conditions (AIRMET), Significant Meteorological Conditions (SIGMET) and Convective SIGMET, Winds and Temperatures Aloft and Pilot Reports (PIREPS).

FreeFlight Systems first received TSO on the RANGR family product line in 2011 and has since worked with the FAA to achieve multiple STCs and AMLs for fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms. The company continues to add aircraft types to help expedite installations ahead of the upcoming mandate and to enable pilots to enjoy the ADS-B system benefits that are available today, he noted.

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