Kids Airbridge program takes off in October

Using aviation as the motivator, the Kids Airbridge initiative aims to encourage kids in North America and Africa to study aviation history, geography, science, and art as well as to learn how to collaborate to complete common academic assignments centering on aviation.

During a crowd-funding campaign ending Aug. 23, the public is invited to suggest or sponsor classes of kids, ages 6-12, located in North America. Selected North American classes will be matched with classes in Senegal, Africa, to form an airbridge for the scholar year.

The first class assignment consists of creating paper airplanes as a gift of friendship. These creations will be hand delivered by female pilots Mireille Goyer and Victoria Zajko during a flight from France to Senegal along the first trans-continental airmail route, the Aéropostale route. They will decorate the respective classrooms throughout the year.

The flight, which departs on Oct. 4, 2013, will also help raise funds to create a secured online collaborative environment for the kids and provide much needed school supplies for the African school kids. The kids also will have an opportunity to learn the many facets of flight operation as they track their precious ‘airmail’ online.

“Our goal is to motivate academic excellence among school kids and give them a chance to enjoy collaborating with others despite cultural differences,” says Goyer, an award-winning pilot and the founder of the Kids Airbridge initiative.

During the first year, the initiative is restricted to 20 classes or 10 airbridges. It will directly affect approximately 1,000 students. Everyone is invited to follow the flight online.

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