‘Private Pilot eBR’ released

Pilot Mission has released “Private Pilot eBR,” an interactive flight training eBook created for the iPad.

Pilots and owners of Pilot Mission, William Hecksteden and Robert Wilkes, recently completed the finishing touches on their first digital eBook, the “Private Pilot eBR.”

“We’re excited to receive feedback from the aviation community and hope this product serves its intended purpose of providing pilots with an engaging and fun learning experience,” says Robert.

Robert and William designed this product for the iPad because they view the iPad as “arguably the most versatile tool in the cockpit.”

Robert wrote and illustrated the book, while William created the videos. The videos are built into the book, which saves readers the trouble of having to stream them if they are not near a network, company officials say.

The “Private Pilot eBR” can be purchased on Apple’s iBookstore for $19.99.


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