Continental responds to proposed AD

AVweb reports that Continental Motors is working to ease concerns about the FAA’s recently proposed airworthiness directive for ECi cylinders, noting that “no Continental Motors factory-new/rebuilt engines or parts are affected.” The post notes that Continental has never used the ECi cylinders, so owners “can be confident that no AEC [Airmotive Engineering Corp., a sister company of ECi] or ECi cylinder(s) has ever shipped from Continental Motors on engines or aftermarket spare parts.” However, if aftermarket cylinders were installed after engine shipment from the factory, verification with ECi should be made, the company said.


  1. Ed's says

    Continental: shame on you ! Steve hit it right on. BTW, you forgot to mention you will have plenty of cylinders available ”
    ( just in case…)

  2. says

    Since the proposed AD doesn’t mention one thing about Continental cylinders, I believe this “response” falls under the heading of opportunistic self promotion

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