First production Citation M2 takes flight

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. — The first production unit of Cessna’s newest business jet, the Citation M2, took its maiden flight Aug. 23 out of the company’s Independence, Kan., facility.

The M2 was announced in September of 2011 with a design driven by customer and pilot feedback. It is the latest in a succession of new Cessna aircraft to make its initial production flight. Type certification is expected this fall, according to company officials.

WAS2057“The aircraft performed exceptionally well today,” said Cessna production flight test pilot Terry Martindale. “We departed Independence and proceeded to an altitude of 17,500 feet. Through the almost two-hour flight, we completed a large portion of the production test flight procedures. This is the first aircraft equipped with the Garmin G3000 avionics, and the system goes beyond what people might be expecting in terms of familiarity, versatility, situational awareness and ease of use. You can sense that pilots designed the cockpit. Everything is where you need it to be.”

The co-pilot on the mission was Cessna engineering test pilot Corey Eckhart.

The Citation M2, which can seat up to six, features two Williams FJ44 engines and a cruising speed of up to 400 ktas (460 mph). The M2 has the range to fly nonstop from Houston, Texas to New York, N.Y., Calgary, Alberta to Chicago, Ill., or San Diego, Calif., to Mexico City, Mexico. The M2 can climb to a flight level of 41,000 feet in 24 minutes, is single pilot certified and has a useful load of 3,809 lbs.

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