FAA approves online FIRC from new company

New startup venture AceCFI recently received FAA approval to conduct an online Flight Instructor Refresher Course. The course costs $99.95. However, after completing the course, flight instructors can return year-after-year and retake the course for free.

Considering that an average flying career can last anywhere between 20 to 40 years, this course has the potential to save flight instructors in excess of $2,000 over a lifetime, according to company officials.

For a fee of $25, flight instructors can take advantage of the course’s certificate renewal process, which is conducted entirely online. This process enables flight instructors to receive their temporary airman certificates by email instead of having to visit a FSDO.

The course meets the FAA guidance concerning online FIRCs and addresses the core subject areas mandated by the FAA. However, in addition to the FAA’s minimum requirements, AceCFI also introduces an in-depth analysis of Human Factors by explaining how the human-machine interface plays a significant role in aviation safety. The course then expands upon this field of study by applying the SHELL model (a human factors framework) to both a sample aviation accident case study and several pilot deviation reports pulled from the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS).

AceCFI promises to refund the full purchase price to any flight instructor who isn’t completely satisfied.

For more information: AceCFI.com.

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