Guide to becoming a helicopter pilot now online, which explains the step-by-step guide to becoming a helicopter pilot, has been launched. connects visitors with helicopter training courses throughout the United States and explains the average salary, training requirements, and job demand for all types of helicopter pilots.

At the site’s homepage, visitors will learn the training and licensing requirements for new helicopter pilots.

“Becoming a helicopter pilot is expensive and time-consuming,” officials said in a released statement. “However, we constantly remind our website visitors that the end is well worth the journey. Helicopter pilots are required to be alert and able to act quickly under intense pressure. Pilots are detail-oriented and have an excellent knowledge of standard flying instruments and helicopter equipment. Many of these skills are shared with winged aircraft pilots, but helicopter pilots also have their own unique set of skills.”

Before becoming a helicopter pilot, federal law in the United States requires pilots to log approximately 30 hours of in-flight experience, with 10 of those hours being solo flight time. Aspiring pilots must also apply for and pass the Private Pilot License for Helicopters (PPL-H) exam. Those who want to become professional helicopter pilots and accept paid positions must also take their Commercial Pilot License for Helicopters (CPL-H) exam and earn FAA certification. 

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