New version of FlyQ EFB released

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has released version 1.2 of the FlyQ electronic flight bag (EFB) app for the iPad. This upgrade features terrain and obstacle warnings, expanded ADS-B support and a preflight data check, according to AOPA officials.

“We’ve enhanced FlyQ EFB with features that increase flight safety, improve ease-of-use and contribute to the overall quality and stability of the app,” said Douglas Shorter, AOPA Chief Information Officer. “This release also addresses some of the most frequent member requests that we’ve received.”

New in this release:

  • Support for Sagetech Clarity and Clarity SV ADS-B receivers: Display subscription-free weather in flight with use of external ADS-B receiver.
  • Terrain and Obstacle Warnings: Color-coded for easy threat identification.
  • Fuel Prices: Overlaid on the chart near your current location.
  • Preflight Data Check: A single tap updates charts, diagrams, procedures and TFRs necessary for the flight.
  • SIGMET/AIRMET Overlay: Expanded situational awareness for use in flight planning.
  • Airspace Labels: A double tap on the chart will show airspace information, highlight airspace dimensions and display a user’s current location within the airspace.
  • Airport Diagram Auto-Load: Diagram loads automatically when the app detects a user is landing.


Version 1.2 retains FlyQ’s most popular and useful features, including multiple auto-routing options based on forecast winds aloft; moving map; airport information and geo-referenced airport diagrams; geo-referenced approach procedures; Track Up/ North Up views; 3D synthetic vision and flight simulator; and FlyQ’s patent-pending graphical wind optimizer displays, officials note.

Pilots with existing FlyQ subscriptions can upgrade to Version 1.2 for free by accessing FlyQ on the iTunes App Store. First-time FlyQ users are eligible for a free, 30-day trial subscription.

Two subscription levels are available for FlyQ EFB: VFR package, $69.99 a year and IFR+ VFR package, $119.99 a year (includes all VFR features plus IFR Hi/Lo enroute charts and geo-referenced approach plates).

FlyQ EFB is built for the iPad 2 or newer, including iPad mini. It is not compatible with iPad 1. AOPA developed FlyQ EFB with Seattle Avionics.

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