MH Oxygen Systems produces FBO kit for pilots

Mountain High Equipment & Supply Company, which designs and produces portable and built-in Pulse-Demand oxygen systems, has introduced an FBO kit for FBOs and aviators to fill portable oxygen cylinders and aircraft built-inoxygen systems.

Many FBOs have requested a complete , easy-to-use oxygen filling system with regulator and required attachments, according to company officials. That led them to put together a basic system with everything needed for the task of filling your oxygen cylinders.

The kit includes a High Pressure Oxygen Regulator. The standard FBO Kit comes with a non-venting style regulator. (A vented style regulator is available upon request, at no extra charge)

Each FBO kit also comes with the four most common fill adapters. The bleed valve has been moved up near the regulator so now the supply end has far less weight. The system can be configured with the bleed valve at the fill end, if you prefer, company officials noted.

The system also incorporates a flow restrictor to prevent filling too fast, as well as built-in filters.

All components are cleaned and ready for Oxygen use.

For more information: 800-468-8185 or

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