Lincoln Electric introduces metalworking angles and lifting devices

Lincoln Electric now offers a line of magnetic angle fixturing devices and hand lifters, which can be used to position steel for tack welding or other pre- or post-weld operations. They also are suited for cutting and grinding applications, according to company officials.

The magnetic fixtures are available in three different models intended for various material thickness or applications. All are easy to operate — a half turn of the knob can toggle the magnet on and off for part removal and cleaning, officials explain.

In addition to magnetic fixtures, Lincoln Electric offers a manual hand lifter designed for small steel part lifting and sheet dragging. The manual hand lifter does not require batteries or electricity. A half turn of the knob switches the powerful hand lifter magnet on and off.

“These devices make it easy to align and hold small parts and sheet metal in place for tack welding,” indicates Jamy Bulan, Lincoln Electric Product Manager, Commercial Products. “Using the manual hand lifter can reduce contact with hot or sharp-edged steel.”

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