House GA Caucus reaches milestone

General aviation has more friends in Congress than ever before, with membership in the House General Aviation Caucus reaching a record of 223. The number is significant because it marks the first time that more than half the members of the House have been part of the group.

The new achievement was announced by caucus co-chairs Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.). It ensures that GA issues are considered and understood by lawmakers.

“This is an important milestone and we are extremely pleased to see that so many members of the House are willing to engage on the issues that affect general aviation,” said Mark Baker, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s president and CEO. “These leaders recognize the importance of GA to our national transportation system and our economy. On behalf of AOPA’s nearly 400,000 members, I also want to thank Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Sam Graves and Rep. John Barrow. Without their active leadership, this caucus could not be so successful and far-reaching.”

Graves called the new record “a great victory for general aviation” adding, “education is key to our efforts to highlight the everyday concerns of America’s pilots, so having the majority of the House participating in the caucus is important.”

Barrow echoed those sentiments, saying, “This is the largest, most bipartisan caucus in Congress, and I’m honored to join with my colleagues to continue to advocate for this industry.”


  1. Sarah A says

    With that many supporters in Congress then maybe it is time to FORCE the FAA to grant the medical exemption requested by AOPA and EAA. Better yet get them to FORCE the drivers license substitution for 3rd class medical. It is time we are freed from the burocracy in OKC. The number of active GA pilots would surge with either of those provisions in place. The FAA can drag its burocratic feet all they want but when Congress says YES then it is the law and they have no choice.

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