Pilot selects wrong landing area

Aircraft: Thorp T-18. Injuries: 1 Serious. Location: Panama City, Fla. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The airport had a turf runway and a paved runway under construction. The pilot entered the traffic pattern with the intention of landing on the southern part of the private turf runway to avoid construction on the new paved runway.

According to a witness, the landing was normal but during the landing roll, the right main landing gear went into a culvert. The airplane veered to the right and flipped on to its back.

The pilot reported there were no preexisting mechanical anomalies with the airplane.

Probable cause: The pilot’s selection of an unsuitable landing site, which resulted in a collision with a culvert.

NTSB Identification: ERA11CA487

This September 2011 accident report is provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, it isintended to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.


    • Diana Mabley says

      Ever heard of a little compassion? We’re all perfect pilots in our lazyboy recliners. Just one mistake…one bad judgement call or a little bad luck is all that separates us from a similar fate. How do you know he didn’t make a pass to check out the field? Unless you were there, on that day, you can’t know exactly what the conditions were. If you’ve never made a dumb mistake, you haven’t flown enough to judge.

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