Free FAR/AIM during AOPA Summit

ASA is making the 2014 FAR/AIM eBook available as a free download to iPhone and iPad users between Oct. 10-12 to coincide with the AOPA Aviation Summit in Fort Worth, Texas. The eBook can be downloaded via ASA’s Reader App, which is also free.

The ASA Reader offers access to more than 80 eBook titles, some of which are always available as free downloads within the app.

While the app can be downloaded for free at any time, the 2014 FAR/AIM eBook will only be accessible for free during the three days AOPA Aviation Summit is underway.

While the offer begins and ends with AOPA Summit, you don’t have to be there to take advantage of it. Download the ASA Reader app today and add the 2014 FAR/AIM eBook to your digital library for free.



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