Opus Aircraft to be sold at auction

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. — Opus Aircraft, which manufactures the Super 2, a light-sport aircraft, will be sold at a Sealed Bid Auction on Nov. 15 in Greensboro, N.C.

The Opus Aircraft was designed and created by Sir Richard Novel with the help of British Aerospace (builders of the Concord Airliner). The Opus Aircraft Co/ was brought to the Shiloh Airport in Rockingham County, N.C., in 2004.

The company produces the Super 2, an all-aluminum two-seat, side-by-side, LSA.

All assets of the company will be offered for one bid in a “Sealed Bid Format,” which includes a completed airplane with airworthiness certificate and current registration, another 98% completed airplane, four partially completed airframes, all structural jigs, all spare parts, all drawings, plans, copyrights, patterns, accessories and equipment.

The cost to reproduce all the tangible assets is estimated to exceed $8 million US, according to company officials. The last asking price was $2.9 million. However, the assets will be sold, regardless of price, as long as the reserve of $199,000 is met, according to the auctioneers.

Opus Aircraft has FAA approval and comparable government approvals in England, Sweden, France and Canada.

The Sealed Bid is being conducted by Iron Horse Auction Co.

“With the Reserve set at $199,000, it should be a no brainer to the savvy investor or entrepreneur on the complete purchase of Opus Aircraft with assets valued at over $8 million,” said Thomas McInnis of Iron Horse Auction Co. “This opportunity is virtually unheard of in the United States.”

For more information: 910-997-2248 or IronHorseAuction.com


  1. Greg W says

    This may be more viable of an option for a little bit lower cost aircraft. I say that because John is right about starting with a large fortune, and in this case the large fortune has already been spent. With design/ manufacture cost already paid for, the new owner could be in a good financial position with this company.

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