DC-3 Dakota Association relaunches website

The DC-3/Dakota Association has relaunched its website

The DC-3 Dakota Association, established in 1994 as the DC-3/Dakota Historical Society, is a repository for information on the DC-3, C-47, Dakota, Super DC-3, Soviet Li-2, Japanese L2 D3, and all the variants made by the Douglas Aircraft Co., and the turbines remanufactured by Basler Turbo Conversions and Dodson International.

This new site/blog has more than a dozen videos, and more that 600 identified/captioned photos, most with individual histories, contained in six photo galleries (and growing), according to officials.

“In addition we have almost 100 historically accurate stories of the amazing 78 years of this aircraft’s life,” officials said.

“To continue to preserve the history of this amazing airplane we welcome contributions in the form of photos and stories,” officials continued. Submission guidelines may be found on the Copyright Information link on the bottom of the homepage. For questions, please use the “Contact Us” link on the top of the page.


  1. vaughn S. Price says

    I am 83 years old with +15000 hrs general aviation and have flown 139 different makes and models. # 139 was a 1941 Eastern airlines DC-3 which I flew 2 years ago at Hemet Ryan airport in Hemet California. It is easier to handle than either the D-18 Beech in which I have over 400 hours , or the Lockheed 12. The kicker was that I had flown nothing in the previous 45 years

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