HonorPoberezny.com launches

A group of high-powered Experimental Aircraft Association members have launched a campaign to honor Tom Poberezny, the association’s former president.

They have a new website, HonorPoberezny.com, which chronicles Poberezny’s accomplishments during the 20 years he led the association. The website also include a Roster of Support for others to add their support to the cause.

Some of the luminaries behind the effort include Van’s Aircraft’s Dick VanGrunsven, Aircraft Spruce’s Jim Irwin, Cirrus Aircraft’s Dale Klapmeier, legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan, legendary pilot Bob Hoover, and many more.

“A growing number of EAA members have realized that something important is now missing at EAA and AirVenture — namely, Tom Poberezny,” a prepared release states. “Tom led EAA for over 20 years, and he epitomized the core values of the EAA culture.

“The time has come to recognize Tom’s legion accomplishments at EAA which during his tenure greatly enriched the extraordinary legacy of his father, Paul,” the missive continues. “It’s time to bring him back to AirVenture, to have him drive around in Red Three again, and to have him share with us the knowledge, experience and perspective he accumulated in his career. We need his expertise, his clear understanding of what EAA stands for, and his views on how to keep it balanced in a constantly changing aviation world.”

Tom Poberezny

Tom Poberezny

“Tom devoted 42 years working to ensure that EAA would succeed and survive. While he was president and chairman, the organization grew dramatically in size and scope. He oversaw the funding, design, and supervised the construction of the world-class EAA museum that has no peers. He initiated the Young Eagles program, the world’s most successful program for introducing young people to aviation. He spent years developing the Sport Pilot license and the FAA-LSA category, and he preserved the 51% rule governing EAB aircraft. Finally, he was an extraordinarily effective fundraiser who brought many able and influential people into the EAA fold.”

A more complete list of Tom’s accomplishments can be seen at HonorPoberezny.com. “You might find some surprises on that list,” according to the statement.

“Tom and his family have indicated that they will come back to AirVenture in 2014, and this seems the right time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments that highlighted his tenure as EAA’s leader,” the statement continues.

“Please sign our Roster of Support at HonorPoberezny.com, and if you’re at AirVenture, join us in some of the celebrations that will be planned and posted by April 1, 2014 on this website.”

Organizers note you do not have to be an member of EAA to add your support to the effort.

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