Long-time AOPA executive dies

Harmon Pritchard, a long-time executive at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, died Monday, Oct. 14, at his retirement home in Winchester, Virginia. He was 84.

HarmonPritchardPritchard joined the staff of AOPA in 1966 as an assistant to the vice president of marketing and devoted the next 35 years to the association and the pilots and aircraft owners it serves.

When he retired in 2002 he was senior vice president of marketing. He was responsible for developing many of the marketing programs available to AOPA members. Among his many duties was planning and overseeing the annual meetings of AOPA members. These annual sessions were first known as “Plantation Parties” and later by various other names.

An avid pilot, Pritchard earned his license on Christmas Day, 1965. He held single, multi-engine and instrument ratings. Over his many years of flying he owned several different aircraft.

Pritchard is survived by this wife Barbara and three sons.


  1. Judy Smarsh says

    My condolences to Barbara and family. Harmon taught me so much about marketing, aviation and life in the eight years I worked for him! He was a man ahead of his times too; envisioning the internet and the buying and selling we take for granted now. He was always a gentleman in all of his dealings with people – never putting anyone down, always looking for the best in each. We have truly lost a great man, but are the richer for knowing him.

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