Always dreamed of flying an F-16?

LOS ANGELES — Always wanted to fly an F-16? Now you can, sort of.

Fly The Dream has opened a new facility that’s bringing authentic F-16 flight simulation to the public, with no flying experience necessary.

Fly the Dream is home to seven hi-fidelity cockpit simulators, each one having more than 100 functions found in the actual US Air Force jetfighter.

According to company officials, every screen, button and readout in the sims are designed to perfectly replicate the genuine article, from the heads-up display (HUD) to the combat rudder pedals and the ejector seat (minus the ejection mechanism, of course).

FLY THE DREAM LA501The block 52 controller was engineered with help from the Air Force. To complete the experience, a 180° field of view provides visual feedback.

Despite having 12 touchscreen monitors with which to interact, Fly the Dream staff are not kidding when they say no flight experience is required. Every session begins with a short technical briefing where all cockpit controls are explained in layman’s terms. Hands-on, in-flight assistance is also available throughout the simulated mission.

There’s no age limit on piloting Fly the Dream’s F-16s; paying attention during the briefing is the only requirement.

Fly the Dream will accommodate special events, from birthday parties to corporate groups and VIPs. A squadron of seven jetfighters can work cooperatively to achieve customized mission objectives. The facility as a whole can host up to 50 people, complete with catering and a special event coordinator. VIPs are encouraged to request the star treatment package, which adds another level of privacy and personalized service.

Franchise opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who want to bring this business model to their community, company officials note.


  1. Ed Watson says

    What a great idea ! ! !
    How about a GA aircraft simulator based on say, Wings-X located in busy shopping malls or at GA airport terminal buildings” or in high schools? It could be a great way to generate the next generation of airline pilots.

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