EA100 autopilot interface approved to replace Century attitude indicators

Aspen Avionics’ EA100 autopilot adapter is now approved for the Century 21, 31, 41, 2000 and 4000 autopilot systems.

The EA100 is approved to replace the Century 52D266, 52D267 and 52C attitude indicators. EA100 replacement of Century attitude indicators used with autopilot models IIB, III and IV are expected to be approved in the near future, according to company officials.

The EA100 provides a digital-to-analog data conversion between the Evolution 1000 and an aircraft’s attitude-based autopilot system. The adapter enables the Evolution Flight Display’s Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) to provide accurate and reliable attitude information directly to the autopilot.

Additionally, the EA100 has the capability to immediately disengage the autopilot if an AHRS fault is detected. This feature provides unprecedented levels of safety improvement over legacy systems where an autopilot would continue to respond to attitude commands from the gyro, even if that gyro’s performance had become degraded or otherwise inoperative, company officials said.

“The EA100 improves installed legacy autopilots by providing superior digital attitude information, while breathing new life into the aircraft’s automatic flight control system,” said Brad Hayden, Aspen’s Vice President of Marketing. “A large number of Aspen customers have aircraft equipped with Century autopilot systems, and this integration will extend the life and reliability of their avionics investment far into the future.”

The EA100 Adapter is available through Aspen Avionics’ authorized dealer network and is priced at $2,495.

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