#NBAA13: World Fuel Services debuts Alliance Card

LAS VEGAS — World Fuel Services, which provides contract fuel to the global business and general aviation industry, now offers the Alliance contract fuel card.

The Alliance contract fuel card is being systematically rolled out to the more than 2,500 locations worldwide providing World Fuel Services contact fuel. In addition to support from World Fuel Services local professionals, tailored credit solutions, detailed billing information and competitive rates, Alliance customers can earn complimentary FlyBuys Rewards with every fuel sale, according to company officials.

“The Alliance card program is the next step in our contract fuel offering. It strengthens our overall business and general aviation offering, while making it easier than ever for our customers around the globe to participate in our contract fuel program,” said Michael Clementi, president of World Fuel Services’ Aviation Segment.

Throughout the last several years, World Fuel Services has offered a suite of products and services designed to serve business and general aviation customers, including the AVCARD aviation charge card, FlyBuys Rewards Program, BaseOps International trip planning, World Fuel Services Network with Ascent & Phillips 66 Aviation branded fuel FBOs which include Air Elite Diamond Service locations.

For more information: 305-428-8000 or WFSCorp.com

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