#NBAA13: BLR Aerospace delivers 600th winglet system

LAS VEGAS — BLR Aerospace reported at the National Business Aviation Association convention that it recently delivered its 600th Winglet System to Bssx Administradora e Participacoes Ltda of São Paulo, Brazil. The Winglet System was installed on a King Air 200GT at Banyan Air Service in Fort Lauderdale.

“My client needs to land on short fields and wanted a better safety margin,” said Alex Fischetti, Director of Aircraft Sales for Aircraft Sales of Brazil Ltda.. “We also saw value in better climb performance and fuel efficiency so he can fly longer legs — a common requirement in Brazil.”

After researching options and speaking to BLR Winglet operators, Fischetti and his client concluded that, “the BLR Winglet System will help us accomplish all of these things and will enhance resale value.”

“BLR is proud to reach this important milestone, and to bring the aerodynamic benefits of Winglet technology to the King Air community,” said Dave Marone, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Winglets continue to be an important part of successful operations worldwide, including in Brazil and throughout Latin America.”

BLR offers a range of certified Winglet Systems, with certified performance improvements, for King Air 90, 200, and 300 aircraft models. In addition to supporting aftermarket customers, BLR Winglet Systems have been incorporated into production by the Original Equipment Manufacturer Beechcraft Corporation and are standard equipment on the King Air 90 GTx and 250.

The King Air B200GT Ultimate Performance Package, available as a fielded fleet retrofit, also incorporates the Winglet System and certified runway performance improvements while delivering an increase in maximum mach operating speed. Certified runway performance for the King Air 90 Series is anticipated shortly after the FAA returns to full operational strength.

Winglet Systems enhance aerodynamics and safety for the King Airs on which they are installed, and deliver a range of handling and operational benefits, including reductions in runway length requirements, up to a 5% reduction in fuel consumption, and LED lighting upgrades, according to company officials.

Winglets increase wingspan (by 3 feet 5 inches) as well as wing aspect ratio, lowering induced drag. Winglets also act as a physical pressure barrier, which conserves lift at the outboard extremities, said company officials, who noted that safety is enhanced through improvements to handling, OEI climb, and slow flight.

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