NationAir creates aviation products liability division

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — NationAir Aviation Insurance has created a new Aviation Products Liability division.

“As an aviation insurance specialty broker for 35 years, we can offer the expertise that commercial brokers cannot,” said NationAir President Jeffrey Bauer. “Our Products Liability division is part of our commitment to provide the full spectrum of risk management for aviation aftermarket suppliers. It’s a natural progression to extend our services through the supply chain.”

Many manufacturers do not realize that their products liability insurance frequently is purchased through wholesalers, Bauer noted.

“With NationAir, there’s no middleman,” he said. “We provide direct communication, and we can also advocate directly with underwriters.”

Benth color printLeading the new division is Aviation Products Liability Director Jamie Benthusen, who draws on 15 years of experience with aviation products manufacturers and OEM distributors.

Clients in the Aviation Products Liability division will have priority access to NationAir’s services, including a dedicated in-house claims advisor, plus complimentary contract review and certificate management service. Aviation products clients also will benefit from preferred rates with NationAir’s partners who cover a wide range of issues, including emergency response planning, legal counsel, and crisis communications consulting.

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