Upgrades slated for KPTN seaway

Upgrades to the 4,500 foot seaway at the Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport (KPTN) in Patterson, Louisiana, are set to begin Nov. 4. The upgrades begin with the construction of a new, additional concrete ramp for launching and retrieval of straight float aircraft, which will be overlaid by wood for use by amphibious aircraft.

In addition to the new ramp, there will be two water wells drilled and electric pumps installed, with a water level monitoring system, so that during dry/drought conditions, the seaway can remain operational with the water level at a safe depth for aircraft operations, according to officials.

The third upgrade will consist of the replacement of the concrete/earthen drainage weir with one made of steel and concrete. With many Louisiana critters that burrow in the mud, such as nutria and alligators, the seaway has been constantly losing water, officials noted.

The upgrades should be complete in early January 2014.

For more information: PerryFlyingCenter.com

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