AirVenture 2014 advance tickets now available

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Advance purchase admission tickets and camping are now available for the 62nd annual edition of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which will be held July 28-Aug. 3 at Wittman Regional Airport.

Daily and weekly admissions are available, as is the ability to join the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and receive the best possible admission prices available only to EAA members, EAA officials said. Discounts are available to those who pre-purchase AirVenture tickets online before June 15, 2014, including $2 on daily adult admissions and $5 on weekly adult admissions.

“With its variety of attractions and entertainment options, EAA AirVenture remains one of the great family-friendly destinations at an affordable price,” said Rick Larsen, EAA vice president of marketing. “This advance purchase system is the best way to be fully ready for this summer and an unforgettable experience at Oshkosh, while saving money at the same time.”

All advance online purchases prior to June 30, 2014, are eligible for the “Oh My Oshkosh!” sweepstakes, which includes the ultimate AirVenture experience and other great prizes, he noted.

Additionally, a variety of limited-edition AirVenture 2014 merchandise is available through the advance purchase website. Also, the EAA AirVenture 2014 commemorative program can be pre-ordered at a 20% discount.

Advance admission ticketing is again made possible through support from Jeppesen.

“We support this program because AirVenture is the place to be for all of aviation every summer,” said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen CEO. “Even during the holiday season, aviators are thinking of Oshkosh. By supporting EAA’s advance ticket system, we are proud to help make it possible for those who love flying to prepare for their experience at The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.”

To access the advance ticketing area, go to Full instructions and answers to frequently asked questions are available at that site. Advance purchase AirVenture tickets are scanned and exchanged for an appropriate wristband at all AirVenture gates, EAA officials explained.


  1. unclelar says

    Wow! What an unbelievable deal! This is embarassing to me as a long-term member who has attended OSH for 21 years straight. Where are our new “more representative and enthused” board members? Every one of them should be calling HQ and telling them to knock this kind of nonsense off. But hey, I have a better idea to promote EAA. How about an “Aviator and Alcohol” wine club? We could call it AA. Has a nice catchy acronym doesn’t it? We could raise the price for the big-shots tent at the flight line by a couple of hundred a day and give them a couple of glasses of “free” wine. Maybe even sell ball caps with AA on them for another hundred or so.

  2. Kent Misegades says

    AirVenture 2013 is barely over and the EAA is already desperate for money in advance from AV14? The AOPA sent out offers for its annual Christmas card sales in early September. Big Box stores have had Christmas displays up since early October. These are all signs of desperation. Is the EAA now AirVenture Inc. as many have suggested for some years? When will its merger with the AOPA be announced?

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