Breathe a sigh of relief with Sporty’s Oxygen Organizer

Storing oxygen masks, hoses, and cannulas normally ends in a big ball of bent hoses, rubber bands and weird looking connectors protruding out at odd angles. Keeping the mess contained should not have to involve buying new hoses every year, according to officials at Sporty’s

That’s why the company has come up with its Oxygen Organizer.

An internal mesh pocket provides separation for up to two hose assemblies, and a lanyard makes it easy to hang from your oxygen cylinder when not in use.

A clear front window allows you to see the contents of the case, and provides a spot for labeling.

Sporty’s Oxygen Organizer [1829A] is available for $12.95, $9.95 for two or more.

For more information: or 800-SPORTYS.

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