D’Shannon increases tip tank capacity

BUFFALO, Minn. — D’Shannon Aviation has increased the fuel capacity in its tip tanks for the Beechcraft Bonanza and Debonair from 15 gallons to 20 gallons per wingtip.

The new total of 40 gallons provides over two hours of additional range for IFR flexibility and reserves, according to company officials.

The newest tips incorporate a canted aerodynamic design, extending the wing, increasing lift and providing an endplate that reduces induced and parasitic drag, company officials explain. The trade-off in standard cruise configuration is about a one-knot reduction in speed, officials add.

Tip tank sight gaugeAt the same time, depending on the equipment installed, an increase of between 200 and 400 pounds gross weight is available.

Fuel quantity may be monitored by the owner’s choice of panel-mounted gauges or clear sight strips located on the tanks. Three separate filters prevent debris from passing through to the main tanks and the pumps used to transfer fuel are approved for “wet/dry” operation, relieving any concern for failure to switch them off after moving the fuel, company officials said.

Flip style gas caps are identical to the type used on the main tanks and quick drains on the tip tanks are flush-mounted for appearance and improved aerodynamics, officials said.

The tanks feature AeroLEDs navigation lights and are pre-wired for AeroLEDs Nav/Strobe systems that come with a 50,000-hour service life. Installing AeroLEDs eliminates the need for outboard powerpacks, resulting in significant weight savings, company officials said.

Tip tanks have been proven to enhance overall stability, improve spin characteristics and reduce landing/stalling speeds. The composite structure of the tanks resists hangar rash and is cured with resins that are both fuel resistant and impervious to long “dry” periods without fuel.

They are shipped from the factory in prime coat ready to paint in the owner’s choice of colors.

For more information: D-Shannon-Aviation.com


  1. Ray Mitchell says

    Hi, I own a Bonanza V35B and would like some info own cost and where I could have tip tanks installed? Thanks. Ray

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