Online Pilot Training launches

Powerful Learning has released Online Pilot Training (OPT), a new online product for GA pilots.

Powerful Learning has been providing online training products specifically designed to meet the needs of Chinese students for a number of years and has now brought its special brand of online training to the U.S. market.

OPT, designed to be useful to a new pilot in training and to the already certificated pilot, has three main components that are designed to work together.

  1. HTML Aviation Reference Library: This comprehensive library was designed from the ground up for OPT. It consists of books and documents that are relevant to both VFR pilots and IFR pilots. Many of these books/documents will already be familiar to pilots (PHAK, FAR/AIM, AFH, ACs, IFH, IPH, etc.). The library also contains additional tools that can be used to review and reinforce knowledge or guide initial studying. For example, the OPT Reference Page is a subject-based index that guides the user to all material found within, and some material found outside of, the Aviation Reference Library. The library uses a common, user friendly navigation system so moving between different books and documents is quick and easy, according to company officials. The library contains built-in dictionaries, which means that a user can click on a word and have a definition displayed.
  2. Private Pilot Course: OPT includes a course for the private pilot that consists of more than 60 Learning Modules with associated quizzes. Upon completion of all modules and two final exams, the student is issued a completion certificate. The Learning Modules use a combination of text, images, audio, video, and animation. At the end of each module there is a reading assignment. Since the html library is fully integrated with the delivery platform, reading links bring the user to the appropriate section of the relevant document with one click.
  3. Knowledge Review and Test Prep: OPT contains two different databanks of questions; the FAA question databank (almost 900 questions) and the Powerful Learning question databank (more than 2,000 additional questions). Users can choose from either question databank to review material or prepare for a Knowledge Test. All databank questions can be launched in a Practice Quiz Mode or a Flashcard Mode and the user can customize the quiz by choosing a certain number of questions and/or questions from certain categories. Both modes also include an intelligent quiz building engine that builds quizzes based on the user’s past answer history or specific questions the user has marked for continued review.

To check out a free Demo Course (and get a 10% discount on the full course), go to and click on the Products for Pilots tab.

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