PilotWorkshops releases Garmin GTN manuals

PilotWorkshops has released its “Pilot-Friendly” GPS Manuals for the Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 units.

These manuals, written by renowned GPS author and trainer John Dittmer, guide pilots through complex GPS procedures in a simple, step-by-step format, according to company officials. They take a hands-on approach, so you can master new procedures and processes quickly by actually doing it.

PilotWorkshops also provides digital, PDF versions of the GTN manuals so pilots can access them on their iPads.

PilotWorkshops publishes a family of “pilot-friendly” manuals for all popular Garmin panel-mount and handheld units.

“There has been a lack of training for these new Garmin units, and our customers have been asking for them. We’re happy to provide the proven, pilot-friendly format for the GTN series so owners can get the most from their investment,” stated PilotWorkshops president Mark Robidoux.

PilotWorkshops acquired the entire family of manuals from ZD Publishing in February. PilotWorkshops also creates and sells a range of pilot proficiency programs including its “IFR Mastery” scenario-based training.

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