Super Legend wins S-LSA approval

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas — American Legend Aircraft Co.’s Super Legend has completed S-LSA approval and FAA certification review.

The Super Legend is a Lycoming-powered version of the Legend Cub. It features wing flaps, larger tail feathers, an enhanced baggage area, extended windows, carbon fiber components and adjustable seating.

The Super Legend airframe, based on the Legend Cub, is mated with a high performance Lycoming O-233 engine. The result is a higher power-to-weight ratio than similar backcountry and sport aircraft, company officials explain.

The Super Legend cabin is wider than traditional Cubs, and clamshell doors are standard on both sides of the fuselage. Typically configured, the Super Legend incorporates electronic flight displays, Night VFR capability, and more, company officials said.

The Super Legend airframe satisfies the S-LSA GTOW of 1,320 pounds with nearly 500 pounds of useful payload. As an amateur-built kit, the same airframe/wing structure can be certified to 1,750 pounds GTOW, company officials noted.

The certified Lycoming engine is rated for continuous power up to 115 hp at 2800 rpm, and is capable of running on low octane unleaded automotive fuels as well as aviation gasoline. Pricing starts at $146,800.

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  1. Peter Davis says

    I’ve never flown a Legend Cub, although I know a current owner who is very happy with his. View my post accordingly. Simply put, 115 hp vs. 100 hp with similar performance specs qualifies the Lyc engined version as a “Super Legend”? Enlighten me if I’m wrong.

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