Rosen debuts adjustable iPad mount

EUGENE, Ore. — Rosen Sunvisor Systems has introduced an adjustable iPad mounting system for monorail equipped cockpits.

The iPad mounting system features multi-directional adjustability, adjustable deployment presentation and one-hand tension control and locking on monorail equipped cockpits.

The engineering behind the mount allows the iPad to be easily stowed up and out of the way while remaining clamped to the rail, or quickly removed for use while on the ground, according to company officials.

The iPad Mount for Rosen Monorail Sunvisor system clamps on any Rosen monorail system or monorails with a diameter of 5/16 inches, and allows pilots to position the iPad for easy viewing of navigation apps above the glare shield. The multi axis mount allows the pilot to place the iPad in virtually any position or placement desired, company officials said.

The system accommodates iPads I, II, III and iPad mini tablet sizes. Each system is delivered with an iPad mounting sleeve and removable-type clamping assembly. The mounting system is available with both short and long hooks to allow installation in a wide variety of airframes.

The iPad mounting system retails for $185.95 and is available direct and through Rosen’s Dealer Network (Aero, Aircraft Spruce, Aeromil, Cee Bailey’s, Chief Aircraft, Performance Aero, Glendale International, Plane Plastics, Satair, Texas Aeroplastics, Sky Geek, and Sporty’s Pilot Shop).

For more information: 800-284-7677 or

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