CubCrafters updates Carbon Cub SS and Sport Cub

YAKIMA, Wash. — CubCrafters has unveiled a range of updates for the Carbon Cub SS (pictured) and Sport Cub S2 LSA aircraft for the 2014 model year.

The Carbon Cub and Sport Cub models are based on the Company’s CC11 airframe, of which 291 units have been delivered to date.

New for 2014 are improvements to the aircraft interiors, instrument panels and, specifically for the Carbon Cub SS, updates to the powerplant.

Highlights include:

  • CubCrafters’ high-performance, 180 horsepower Titan 340CC engine, built by ECi and used on the Carbon Cub SS, gets a new magnesium accessory case that accepts a spin-on oil filter. The company will include a thermostatic oil cooler bypass valve (vernatherm) as standard equipment in 2014. Together, these improvements reduce net engine weight by 1.5 pounds.
  • The carburetor on the 340CC engine gets a new fuel nozzle designed to improve vaporization and distribution of the fuel/air mixture to all cylinders. The new nozzle employs a proprietary “perforation pattern” that promotes even circulation of the mixture, increasing consistency of exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) and cylinder head temperatures (CHT) at cruise and higher power settings. By leveling EGT and CHT, the 340CC engine runs more efficiently, smoothly and produces increased power, company officials explain.fuel-nozzle
  • A new non-skid step for the pilot is more durable and weighs less than the original.
  • CubCrafters has added a new kick-panel at the front of the cabin providing a cup/bottle holder for the pilot.
  • The aircraft’s glare shield is now painted flat black as standard.

The company also has made a number of significant updates to its instrument panel offerings:

  • The Standard Panel now includes a new CHT Monitor and new Garmin GTR 200 Comm Radio. The GTR 200 is connected to a new RAMI Antenna that has been relocated to the aircraft turtle deck for superior performance. These 2014 upgrades are included on the Standard Panel at no additional charge, company officials ntoe. Buyers may also select an optional PM3000R Intercom from PS Engineering.
  • CubCrafters’ MyPanel has been upgraded with a new PM3000R Intercom from PS Engineering. Aircraft equipped with MyPanel also receive the new RAMI Antenna on the turtle deck. Despite these upgrades, the Option price for MyPanel has been reduced to $8,990 (from $9,990).

    World VFR panel

    World VFR panel

  • A new panel addition for 2014, CubCrafters’ World VFR replaces the Deluxe VFR II panel and features Garmin’s 796 GPS and Electronics International CGR 30P Engine Monitor, providing many of the benefits of a full-glass cockpit at a much lower price. The panel also includes a Trig TT21 Transponder and Trig TY91 Comm Radio. The TY91 includes 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing, making World VFR suitable for international markets. Like the Standard Panel and MyPanel, the Trig Radio on World VFR is connected to the new RAMI Antenna. The Option price for World VFR is $14,990.

CubCrafters is now accepting orders for 2014 Carbon Cub SS and Sport Cub S2 models. Base prices remain unchanged at $172,990 and $134,950 respectively.

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  1. A. Henry says

    I thought that it was to run on natural gas? Isn’t that what we saw at the EAA? When will that be available so we don’t have to run leaded fuel and pollute the backcountry!? Thanks – nice plane…

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