More Pilot Proficiency Projects planned by SAFE

Following last month’s success of its first Regional Pilot Proficiency Project (PPP) in Texas, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has promised more such fee-based events, with Florida likely the next venue.

SAFE debuted its Regional PPP on Oct. 26-28 at Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, Texas, drawing 28 paying participants from as far away as Colorado.

“The smaller class size turned out to be a blessing in disguise,” said Doug Stewart, SAFE Executive Director. “We’d planned on 50 pilots, but every single participant told us that the smaller class size improved their experience and helped make the event so successful.”

SAFE Regional PPPs are advanced educational events for pilots and instructors. They combine in-depth aviation seminars by top national presenters with one of 11 specially-designed flight scenarios in an advanced Redbird simulator.

Seven seminars during the San Marcos event included Single-Pilot IFR, Stick and Rudder Skills in Glass Cockpits, Human Factors in Loss of Control, iPad Best Practices using ForeFlight, Tailwheel Tips and Tricks, Angle of Attack Awareness, and GPS: Beyond the Basics and simulator instructors provided a dozen challenging sessions in Redbird simulators.

Surprisingly, about a third of the participants choose to train with a “six-pack” legacy instrument panel rather than the simulator’s available glass cockpit, SAFE officials said.

Participant and CFII Mark Pierce of Austin, Texas wrote SAFE’s Stewart, saying the PPP was “an excellent event, and worth many times the investment. You are a first-rate instructor and speaker, and those of us who had the opportunity to spend time in your presence are better for the experience.”

A detailed report of the San Marcos PPP, based on a survey of participants, is available here.

The San Marcos event was SAFE’s first fee-based regional Pilot Proficiency Project. The PPP was developed in 2012 by SAFE in part because pilot error continues to account for about three-quarters of all accidents, and lack of flight proficiency is the chief cause of the most frequent type of GA inflight accident, loss of control.

“We’re committed to bringing high-quality PPP events to pilots in the most populated parts of the country,” said Stewart.

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  1. Ray Winslow says

    I am worried that SAFE is about to become a UNION and fight to require all kinds of only nice to have training (with FAA help) that many can not afford. GA is already under stress and SAFE maybe the last group we need.

  2. Mooney says

    A most cogent arguement for eliminating the third class medical and replacing it with pilot profeciency training. This will reduce GA accidents. Meanwhile the OK City boys are more concerned about drowsiness in the airplane, with its usual justification being feel good rather than statistical evidence. When will they ever learn!

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