Sporty’s glasses will entertain your aviation buddies

Three new sets of glasses are ready to go for end-of-year holiday celebrations. These new glasses sport humorous sayings to enliven your home bar or hangar.

Beer Pint Glasses inform your guests that beer is cheaper than avgas. These pint glasses are available in a set of four.

Debriefing-300x233Debriefing Assistant Glasses are cocktail-size that “assist” pilots with measuring the amount of liquor that should be in the glass based on the amount of turbulence in his or her most recent flight. These glasses are also a set of four.

Pilots Believe in Clean Living Glasses are a set of four engraved tumblers that say the proof pilots believe in clean living is, “They never drink alcohol from a dirty glass.”

Pintglass-300x194“Let me say it upfront: Drinking and flying don’t mix,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “But when the airplane is tied down or secured in the hangar for the day, these glasses are a great way to start the debrief.”

Beer Pint Glasses [8500A], Debriefing Assistant Glasses [8629A] and Pilots Believe in Clean Living Glasses [5693A] are available for $24.95 for each set.

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  1. Leo Ledet says

    I am looking for Beechcraft King Air, Cirrus or any manufacturers drinking tumblers. I have bought glassware in the past from Sportys but can’t find any tumblers with logos. You had a set of four but no options on logos.
    Am I not seeing this in your inventory?

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