Book Review: Red Redmond and the Great Plane Adventure

Is there an airplane trip with a young child in your future? You may want to get a copy of “Red Redmond and the Great Plane Adventure,” a picture book written by private pilot Earl M. Furfine.

The self-published 23-page book tells the story of 5-year-old Red Redmond, a young boy already enamored with flying. Red and his dog Pilot are supposed to take an airliner to visit Red’s grandfather. Red is supposed to make the trip in the passenger compartment while Pilot is supposed to fly inside his dog kennel in the baggage compartment. When Red’s shirt gets caught on the kennel latch, the pair both end up in the dog kennel and have en route adventures, like raiding the galley mid-flight.

The book is filled with rich illustrations done by Marijia Militec Dail. Even if the child can’t read, you can tell what’s happening to Red and Pilot, which makes this book a good choice for preschoolers.

The story details how airports and airplanes work and takes some of the mystery out of flying and answers questions like “why do my ears feel funny?”

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