FltPlan offers free Weight & Balance program

FltPlan is now offering its free Weight & Balance program via its website and mobile apps for more than 400 various makes and models of aircraft now in its database.

Since the program was launched 18 months ago, pilots have created 38,000 unique, customized aircraft Weight & Balance profiles, according to company officials.

“The program has proven immensely popular for the substantial benefits it offers as evidenced by the sharp increase in the number of different aircraft makes and models we’ve added to our database in the last eight months,” said Ken Wilson, president of FltPlan.com, the internet-based source of flight planning tools with 135,000 active user accounts. “Since March we’ve added 165 new aircraft makes and models ranging from a Cessna C150 to a Gulfstream 280.”

Wilson noted the program is popular with pilots who may fly a Gulfstream during the week for work and a Cherokee 140 on weekends for pleasure since the Weight & Balance setup is exactly the same for both aircraft.

“Flight departments tell us they like the program because it is possible to quickly transfer a Weight & Balance profile from one FltPlan account to another,” he said. “That means one pilot can set up the Weight & Balance profile and share it with other airmen in the flight department. Everyone in the flight department is using the same numbers.”

FltPlan’s program is available on the full website, on the Android app, or on the iPad apps. The Android and iPad apps’ Weight & Balance features integrate with an online information. An aircraft’s Weight & Balance data can be imported directly to an app, with no need to re-enter the aircraft parameters. The data can be used offline when no internet is available. Last minute calculations can be made on the ramp or while en-route and planning a next fuel stop, according to the company.

FltPlan.com supports pilots with services ranging from flight plan filing, FBO/airport information, flight tracking, certified eAPIS submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), runway analysis, Weight & Balance, eLogbook program, Mexican/Caribbean/Central America handling, Mexican and Cuban overflight services, pre-departure clearances, FAA-approved certified weather, and participation in the FAA’s CDM program.


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