Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide updated

Now available is the updated 12th edition of the Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide. The guide is a learning aid, reference document, and guide to the wealth of information provided on FAA aeronautical charts and chart navigation publications, according to ASA officials.

This FAA publication explains all the symbology used on the FAA world aeronautical charts, sectional aeronautical, terminal area, flyway planning, helicopter route, enroute low- and high-altitude, area, and oceanic route charts, as well as standard terminal arrival routes, standard instrument departures, and instrument approach procedures. The chart legends and airspace classifications tables are included.

The guide is an excellent reference book for novice and experienced pilots alike, as well as international pilots learning to read U.S. charts, according to ASA officials.

The softcover book is illustrated throughout with full-color graphics, 88 pages. Price: $14.95.

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