Brad Pitt buys Spitfire

The New York Daily News is reporting that actor Brad Pitt has bought a World War II-era Spitfire (like the one pictured above). According to the story, the 49-year-old actor was so inspired by his latest movie, the World War II flick “Fury,” that he purchased one of the fighter planes used by the Royal Air Force in battle. Pitt reportedly paid $3.3 million for the aircraft.


  1. Jon Todd says

    If you (Sarah) had performed even a perfunctory amount of background research, you would have learned that Mr. Pitt had extensive training prior to being allowed (yes, allowed) to fly the Spitfire. Being an actor does not disqualify Mr. Pitt from being a competent pilot. I don’t care a fig about his acting, but from all indications, Mr. Pitt is an accomplished aviator. An airworthy Spitfire belongs in the sky and not in a museum. The more Mr. Pitt flies his historic aircraft, the better!

  2. James says

    Hopefully he will firstly respect the aircraft for what it is. Secondly if he does some training in a Harvard (SNJ/T6), getting to handle the Harvard take offs and landings, he’ll be alright. Hopefully he will avoid cross winds particularly of tar surfaces. The Spit has no tailwheel steering and on landings, with engine throttled back (no slipstream over the rudder), she can be tricky. The Spifire is easier to fly than a Harvard. (Yes, I do actually know this).

  3. Laura says

    I believe his partner, Angelina Jolie is a licensed pilot and Cirrus owner. Pitt strikes me as the type to treasure and preserve this historic airplane.

  4. Sarah A says

    So how long will it take him to destroy his new toy ? Such a rare warbird should be very carefully maintained and operated and while he has the bucks for the maintenance, I seriously doubt he will have the proper experience and skills to safely operate it. It would be better off donated to a museum and stay on the ground then risked in the hands of its new owner.

    • Mike Abbott says

      I doubt if Brad would be allowed to fly it by the FAA, you have to have proper training to fly any historic aircraft and besides, he can allow a proper warbird pilot to fly it and admire the view

    • John says

      I bet he can handle it. Remember how old the kids were who flew those things in the 40’s. At least there won’t be others shooting at him while he is in the air…

  5. Tom Spann says

    Thanks to Brad Pitt for helping to preserve the history of one of the airplanes that saved hundreds of bomber crews lives defeating the

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