‘Plane Talk’ now on iNetRadio

‘Plane Talk,’ an online aviation talk show from the founders of IMC Club International, is now available on iNetRadio.

After starting its regular broadcasts in November 2011, IMC Radio quickly became one of the most popular stations in the entertainment/talk category on the “Spreaker Web Radio,” its main Internet radio stream provider, according to officials. In 2011 the show was nominated for the “Spreaker Show of the Year Award.”

According to officials, the show has more than 24,000 followers, and has been tuned into by more than 49,000 listeners.

iNetRadio features dozens of popular music channels, the latest world and national news, up-to-date weather forecasts, podcasts covering a wide variety of sports, special lifestyle features and tips, plus informative and entertaining talk shows. All can be accessed on desktop computers and mobile apps. “Plane Talk” broadcast can be heard on iNetRadio by choosing the “Programs” button, then selecting the “Aviation” category.

iNetRadio allows users to listen to any of dozens of music channels and instantly access their favorite news, information, and entertainment podcasts. Unlike with broadcast radio, there’s no need to “tune in” at certain times since all content starts from the beginning when selected by the user. When the podcast ends, iNetRadio automatically returns to playing the music channel.

iNetRadio users can also program the podcasts they want to hear each time the player launches. If the newest podcasts of “Plane Talk” are desired to play first, then they can be programmed to be heard every time iNetRadio starts. After they have played, iNetRadio will automatically return to playing the music channel selected when the player was last turned off.

Plane Talk is also streaming over the IMCClubs.org website, Facebook and is available as a podcast on iTunes and other Internet media.

The IMC Club, through its nationwide network of local chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It’s the only organization of its kind. Believing that safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience, IMC Club’s monthly meetings use real world scenarios to engage members and allow them to share and build their piloting experience.

For more information: IMCClubs.org

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