Warren Airport adds mogas

While pilots in much of the country suffer under the high cost of avgas, flyers in northeastern Ohio can now save money by using mogas that has recently become available at the Warren-Skeets Airport (62D).

The fuel is currently priced at $4.50 a gallon, saving pilots $1.50 or more compared to avgas prices at other airports in the area.

Having an airport in this part of the country with mogas is especially significant given its scarcity in the nearby states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Now pilots from those states will not have to fly as far as to find airports with this more affordable, lead-free, FAA-approved aviation fuel that may be used safely and legally in over 80% of all piston-engined aircraft in the U.S.

This action by a small rural airport provides more evidence — contrary to what some would contend — that airports can afford to provide more fuel options to pilots in their efforts to increase flying activity and do something tangible to reduce our lead emissions.

For a complete listing of airports selling mogas, see Dean Billing’s list and map, which includes the important AKI rating of the fuel in most cases.


  1. Dietrich Fecht says

    I Would prefer flying with automobile gas from a street gas station selling to airplanes through the airport fence for $ 3.20 to3.50 a gallon. Gas from street pumps usually are more fresh because they have to fill up their tanks more often do to much bigger sales volume.

    Where is the first auto gas station what sells through the airport fence? May be a club of Tecnam airplane (and some other) owners, perhaps flight schools too, could be built there for lower costs of flying with airplanes which can fly with usual street automobile gas with ethanol content.

  2. Greg W says

    Kent, good job keeping the other FAA approved gasoline in the news. With the recent news of Shell getting back into Avgas, maybe, with an unleaded 100, people will again forget the existing option of Mogas. The majority of us don’t “need” 100 but the majority also belive the media/ association pundents that say we do.

  3. Rich Bettencourt says

    This would be a boon to Californis pilots! You would see hanger doors open again at airports in the valley with pilots actually flying there planes instead of letting them set with only 15-40 hours a year between annuals because of the high cost of 100LL.

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