Wind gust bends Maule

Aircraft: Maule M-5-180C. Injuries: None. Location: River Ranch, Fla. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The pilot, who was on approach to the airport in VFR conditions, stated that he didn’t see any other airplanes or hear any radio communications to indicate the appropriate runway, and there were no visual indications of wind direction.

He chose to land on runway 16. When the airplane touched down, an unexpected wind gust pushed it right of the runway center line.

Before he could regain control the left wing tip and the left horizontal stabilizer tip hit the ground, sustaining substantial damage.

Probable cause: The pilot’s failure to maintain directional control after encountering a wind gust during landing.

NTSB Identification: ERA12CA134

This January 2012 accident report is provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, it is intended to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.


  1. Tom says

    It was a gust that caused the crash,
    On runway 16 so they say,
    But maybe we should take him to task,
    About his sleep apnea that day.

  2. Thomas Gadbois says

    Ms. Meg, you do a great job reporting these accidents into well worded, concise and informative nuggets. Thanks!

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