Judge denies more time to FAA in SMO lawsuit

A federal judge has denied the FAA’s request for more time to respond to a lawsuit filed by the city of Santa Monica to close Santa Monica Municipal Airport. According to a report in the Santa Monica Lookout, Judge John F. Walter denied the FAA’s request for an additional 44 days to respond to a lawsuit that claims the city has the right to close down at least part of the 227-acre parcel that has operated as an airport for nearly a century. The ruling says that the FAA had “failed to demonstrate good cause for the requested extension,” especially given the “time-sensitive nature of this action.”


  1. Ray Winslow says

    What does any tax paying citizen expect in Obamaland?
    Miller is exactly correct!
    The FAA will no doubt just let this one go.

    • Anonymous says

      It started in Reaganland, continued in Bushland, Clintonland and another Bushland. So, what do you expect?

  2. donald miller says

    It is to be expected from these “government leaders”. There is no recourse for this type of dictatorial action. I expect an executive order terminating the production of 100LL anyday, with no prior notice “for the environment”.

    • says

      General aviation is facing real challenges that are not necessarily related to politics. I fear the ease of relegating all our problems to Obama will forestall the candid and necessary discussions of the pressing issues as demonstrated in this threatened closure Taking the easy way out is not the answer. We must intelligently discuss the issues without the emotional blinder of politics.

      • says

        SoCal has an organization of governments that has an Air Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) that advises the various governments. Are these governments in agreement with the City of Santa Monica, i.e., that they want the aviation traffic that would be diverted to them with the proposed closure of SMO?

        There are rumors that the citizenry of Santa Monica is not particularly anxious to have the airport closed. Jobs would be lost. What does the citizenry want — a Great Park like the one promised as replacing the land of the El Toro MCAS? Do they want the tax revenue from more houses? How about traffic created by more houses?

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