FltPlan.com approved for submitting APIS manifests to Mexico

FltPlan.com has been approved for submitting Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) manifests to comply with the Mexican government’s new regulations for individuals entering and exiting the country.

“FltPlan has had a successful APIS system in place for over five years,” said Ken Wilson, president of FltPlan. “We were the first organization to be certified by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for submitting APIS data. It was relatively easy for us to be able to switch over and work with the Mexican government. It also enables us to serve our customers with a low cost solution without having them go to another third party provider.”

Wilson said that FltPlan complies with Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration (INM) that requires submission of information within 30 minutes of departure or after the aircraft door is closed. He explained that FltPlan is able to do this because it has a dedicated phone staff standing by at all times.

This solution is designed to provide INM with an efficient method to collect Advanced Passenger Information (API). It will allow the Mexican government and airport authorities to review passenger information even before aircraft land at their airport of destination.

FltPlan.com supports pilots with services ranging from flight plan filing, FBO/airport information, flight tracking, certified APIS submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), runway analysis, Weight & Balance, eLogbook program, Mexican/Caribbean/Central America handling, Mexican and Cuban overflight services, pre-departure clearances, FAA-approved certified weather, and participation in the FAA’s CDM program.

For more information: Fltplan.com


  1. Carlos Gilberto Morales says

    Please let me know how can I send a Eapis to the Mexican Government,
    and how much is the cost.
    Thanks Carlos Morales

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