EPIC strikes deal for new card that increases global acceptance

EPIC and U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation have introduced the new EPIC/Multi Service Aviation cobrand card, which will provide global acceptance to EPIC cardholders via the Multi Service Aviation network, starting in the first quarter of 2014.

Currently, the EPIC Card is accepted at hundreds of locations in the U.S. and Canada, including all EPIC FBO Network and UVair FBO Network locations. Through the partnership with Multi Service Aviation, the EPIC Card will now be accepted at thousands of FBO locations globally that process within the Multi Service Aviation card network, company officials said.

“Multi Service Aviation has a well-established platform for processing card transactions globally,” said U.S. Bank Payment Sales and Client Relationship Group Leader Jeff Rankin. “Adding the EPIC Card as a payment option at all of our FBO-serviced locations makes both the card and the platform even more convenient for customers.”

EPIC cardholders can expect to receive ongoing communications regarding the expanded access in the months leading up to the release, but it will be a seamless process for cardholders to begin using the EPIC Card globally, officials noted.

The EPIC Card will continue to be fully managed by EPIC as the card issuer.

For more information: EPICAviationllc.com or USBPayment.com


  1. Kent Misegades says

    How does this help the average GA pilot who can now hardly justify hangar rent and his annual? Why not do something that would help us all and start offering mogas at our airports? How much longer will things deteriorate until EPIC and others drop support for Avgas altogether and focus only on Jet-A customers? Who will fly the turbines in the future when all our flight schools close?

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