Kitfox makes ‘hard decision’ to not attend Sebring

Idaho-based Kitfox Aircraft will be not exhibiting at this week’s U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, commonly known as the Sebring LSA Expo.

The decision not the attend the show was a tough one, according to John McBean, Kitfox president.

“Our decision to not attended the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo was a tough one, but driven by our desire to deliver the best customer service possible,” he said. “This has been a valuable show for us in the past, but our backlog of orders and the fact that our small, dedicated team of professionals hand crafts each Kitfox S-LSA and Kitfox kit, would have diminished manpower just as our product back order has been increasing.”

KFALLC-logoHe noted that all manufacturers must “carefully weigh the overhead involved with attending a show against the need to keep the fires burning at home.”

“Kitfox has been attending this great event for many years and enjoyed some terrific island hopping in the Bahamas as a reward for those working the show,” he continued. “We will really miss the fun of greeting folks and getting away from the Idaho winter, but meeting our delivery commitments comes first.”

He noted that one Sebring tradition will continue: The company’s show special.

“Kitfox has rolled the cost savings by not attending Sebring into some very attractive packages,” he said, noting the details can be obtained by calling the company or visiting its website. “They include reimbursement credits to visit our expanded plant in Idaho (like a mini vacation, with flying thrown in) and free options,” he said.

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  1. says

    And other “possibilities:
    1. Advertising /public relations not cost effective
    2. Cutting expenses not directly related to production
    3. A “hint” company may be in financial trouble under the guise of “attending to customers first” – if so – clever PR?
    Surviving for any length of time is fine during a downturn in demand, however, attaining “equilibrium” should not be viewed as the end all.

  2. Greg W says

    An inspiring case of a smaller company tacking care of business at hand. If they have the work then this is the right decision, Kitfox already has name recognition and does not need the show to maintain it’s position. A company does not have to grow rapidly to keep from dying, as long as growth equals inflation they will survive just fine. A company dies from not taking care of customers. This action by Kitfox shows they are committed to their customers. To borrow the phrase from Elvis “T.C.B. Baby!”

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