$1 million for paper airplanes?

VentureBeat.com is reporting that PowerUp Toys has raised more than $1 million via crowdfunding for its toy that attaches a toy airplane motor to a paper airplane. You can control the airplane with the touchscreen on your iPhone. Find out more here.


  1. Jim Klick says

    Yep, nothing like an elitist “I’m better than you aditude” to attract more potential customers for
    Half of the “real pilots” I know are also RC pilots, and many of the “real pilots” I know started in
    I guess having a Pitts S1S for almost 20 years, and flying an Aeronce L-16A means I can’t fly
    my RC helicopters because than I wouldn’t be a “real pilot”
    I’m buying an RC paper airplane as soon as I can. Looks like a real hoot.

  2. Kent misegades says

    Yep, that’s our society today, more interested in toys and virtual thrills than the real thing. Real men fly real airplanes.

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